Austin Area Computers offers a wide range of services to keep your computer running in top shape. Just as a car needs regular tune-ups and oil changes, your computer requires regular maintenance to ensure it performs at its very best.

List of Services

Level I Tune Up: 2 Hours
Is your computer running slow? Does your system take several minutes to boot up? Do you find yourself waiting for webpages or applications to load?

This is our most popular service by far. We will go through your computer and remove any traces of Spyware, Adware, and other malicious software. Perform performance-tuning, optimize memory utilization, install security patches, apply operating system updates, install application updates, and give your system a physical cleaning inside and out. When we are done your computer will start faster, run smoother, and pop-ups will be gone. This service is a great value and is recommended on a regular basis for optimal performance of your machine.

Level II Tune-Up: 3 Hours
Are you experiencing the dreaded “Blue Screen” or “Application not responding” errors? Does your computer “freeze” or “lock-up”?

If your computer has become inoperable or so slow it pains you to use it, we need to perform an advanced tune-up on it. We will perform advanced diagnostics and repairs to fix these critical errors then perform everything included in our Level I Tune-Up.

New Boot Disk Install: 2 Hours
Are you running out of space on your hard disk drive? Is your computer over 3 years old?

This is the perfect service for you. We will install a larger and/or faster hard disk drive into your system and “clone” or image your old drive to the new one. When we are finished with this service your system will look and feel exactly like before just spunkier and with tons more storage space! If your system disk is damaged or cannot be cloned or imaged then this service turns into a “Fresh Start Package”

Fresh Start Package: 4 Hours (3 hours w/o data backup)
Remember those days when your computer was at its prime.

We can restore your computer back to new with our refurbish program. We will backup all of your personal data, which includes music, pictures, documents, favorites, and any other data that you request. We will then erase the entire hard drive and start from scratch. We will perform a fresh install of your Operating System and update the OS to the current release. We will install any software that you request from the original CDs supplied by you or downloaded from the Internet. We will then put your personal data back where we found it. We will evaluate whether there are any affordable upgrades that can be done to make it run even better, like more RAM or a faster RPM and/or larger hard disk drive. This also includes a PC cleaning and full needs assessment/hardware review.

New Computer Setup: 2 hours

We’ll unpack everything and assemble your new system making sure everything is plugged in and working correctly. We will transfer up to 10GB of data from your old system and import it into the appropriate software, such as QuickBooks or Outlook, if needed. This service also includes installation of up to 3 pieces of software, one e-mail account setup, and Internet connectivity verification.

Basic Back-Up: 1 Hour

We will backup to a DVD, your documents, e-mail, music, pictures, movies, and other valuable data, up to 4.5GBs. Only $9 per GB thereafter. This service can be added to any other service and can be invaluable.

Advanced Back-Up: 4 Hours
Would you like 100% peace of mind that all your critical and irreplaceable data are safe?

This backup service includes a 250GB external hard disk drive, installation and configuration of backup software, and verification of successful initial backup

Remote Assistance: $55/Hour (1 hour minimum)
Do you need help navigating a certain website? Do you want to do a mail merge? Are you getting Internet Explorer errors or warnings?

If you have a high-speed Internet connection our Technicians can “Remote Control” your computer while you watch. This safe and convenient method of assistance is very popular and can get those little bugs worked out in not time!

Basic Ram Or Memory Install: *$29 – $79

*Free install at our office with memory purchased from Austin Area Computers.

Did you purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements to work with digital photos? Do you require Microsoft’s Office Suite of programs for your business?

We will install and/or repair, configure and update 1 software title, and add convenient desktop, start menu, and quick launch bar shortcuts for quick and easy access.

Advanced Hardware Install: 1 Hour

We will install an internal or external PC or Mac component, such as a graphics card, hard drive (non-boot drive), optical drive, MP3 player, printer or scanner. We will also install the drivers and accompanying software for added convenience. Lastly, we will test the component to verify correct operation.

Custom Computer Build: 4 Hours

If you bring it we will build it!

Onsite & Custom Services are available
and billed at $80/hour with a one hour minimum.


All other services are billed at $55 per hour unless otherwise noted.